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This plugin began a fun side project at an open data hackathon in Vienna, Austria, the hometown of founder Robert Harm. Thanks to great feedback and reviews from a growing community, it quickly turned into a real business.

We appreciate your feedback โ€“ Your reviews drive us forward, help us to get better and to motivate us to improve constantly. Add your review on or via our contact form!

Quality plugin

We’ve created a couple maps, and I’ve been very impressed with this plugin so far. We had no issues installing it a few months back, or upgrading it since. We’ve been using the free version, but will upgrade to the…

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Just awesome

Best plugin for publishing mapdata ๐Ÿ˜‰ proud to be a translator for Mapsmarker. Patricksit

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Up and running very quickly with excellent support

Being new to mapping it took me a few minutes to figure out what this was all about. Then, coupled with fantastic quick response from the plugin author (on a Sunday!), everything fell into place. This Lite version is excellent,…

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Incredible plugin

Very useful plugin, fully featured and great design stecrv

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Awesome plugin, the developer rocks!!! locovip

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Great potential and a very responsive developper

I have going back and forth between developping my sites on drupal or WP with the Mapping as the main target for mu sites. Using Map Maker is clearly the winner on WP due to the simplicity. I am not…

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Powerful and well-supported

Ahead of the curve and very customizable. Very useful. Llapgochmaster

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easy setup and highly customizable

i have been playing with this plugin for a long time and i saw it getting better and better easy and highly customizable, if you need to work with maps without considering some hassle, well this is for you! marword

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Great plugin!

Very intuitive and smart plugin + superb support. The only thing I miss is adding polygons or other shapes to maps indicating areas, not points only. But AFAIK it is planned already ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU! kryvulena

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First rate plugin

After a few days with this plug-in, here is my take, which may help others get started. Leaflet Maps Marker is a brilliant plug-in for WordPress which lets you embed scrollable and zoomable maps into your WordPress pages. Nearly all…

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