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This plugin began a fun side project at an open data hackathon in Vienna, Austria, the hometown of founder Robert Harm. Thanks to great feedback and reviews from a growing community, it quickly turned into a real business.

We appreciate your feedback – Your reviews drive us forward, help us to get better and to motivate us to improve constantly. Add your review on or via our contact form!

Plugin is great but Robert more

Plugin is very good and the author is always available to help . Thanks manrpan

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Great plugin!

A lot of features! and great support with Google Maps. API KEY Needed mandave

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Great plugin

Great plugin for showing adresses on Google map (and other maps). Great support and the plugin has great options to customize the look. A lot of great icons to use, and it’s fast to work with. Thank you for a…

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It works and it is easy to use

This plugin is easy to implement and it works as you could expect. Many thanks to the author etienne-r

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Con diferencia, el mejor plugin o la mejor aplicación de mapas para wordpress, espero impaciente la versión pro macduro

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Excellent and easy

great work. I really like the interface and find it intuitive and simple to use. Wish I could draw customer borders too though thanks for your effort rowan84

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I look forward to drawing functionality (tracks/routes) 🙂 roodik

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Just simply awesome

Up and running right after install. A ton of great features in the free version, although I’ll most likely upgrade to Pro. Great support. cmiller19

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Great for multiple maps and sites

Previously we created maps directly at Google Maps and embedded the map-code in WordPress; however marker-icons and other graphics had to be imported from a hosted site. With Leaflet Maps Marker, everything can be done within WordPress, and with the…

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Great functionality out of the box

Mapsmarker gets you very far down the road of having custom maps with very little effort. That really helps us get our clients with WordPress sites, beautiful effective maps for a very low budget. Great work. whenmapsattack

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