Incredible flexible maps plugin with outstanding support and maintenance by Robert. Did not find anything comparable.

The best maps plugin available!

This plugin is simply the best maps plugin available. Period. The only drawback is the rather heavy memory usage, which could be a problem in a restrictive environment. But the features you get are worth it.

How you gonna beat that!

I had few days before the debut Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas to put a map on my brokerage’ commercial real estate site:, showing our properties around the new F1 track — hustling to get it live before the November race, I set it up in Woothemes’ Canvas — easy as pie. Plugin pie.

It works. It’s easy to configure. And like an onion, the more I peel it (learn it) the more features I discover. It renders a map with pins and pop-ups in customizable “spades”.

I emailed the warmly-hospitable author Robert Harm about airing out the leading in the optional Pin Listing below the map; he snapped back with a CSS padding option in an immediate update. ?! Get this man a cool brew and a plate of BBQ!

I sent him a warm donation — you ought to do the same.

Well done Robert. You’re welcome around my fire anytime.

Incredibly powerful mapping tool

Maps Marker is one of the best non-commercial plugins I have had the pleasure to use. It has a wealth of features, of which I have barely scratched the surface, and if I had one criticism it would be that the sheer number of options available is overwhelming.

Maps Marker has allowed me not just to integrate location based information on my site, but also has great integration with the Wikitude augmented reality software which I have taken full advantage of. It is rare to find a plugin that not only meets your expectations, but surpasses them!

If you want a simple mapping tool this may not be for you, but if you need plenty of options in how your information is presented and the ability to ‘tinker under the hood’ then this is by far the best choice for a mapping plugin.


I love this plugin… only need to add indicator to multiple levels. Except for this (imho) it’s perfect

World Class plugin

Blown away at how many features this plugin has, and how well it works. Everything is customizable. Options options options! Love it!

Works very well. The layering feature is amazing, and makes supporting multiple maps a cinch. On that note, it could use the ability to nest multi-layer maps within higher-level multi-layer maps. Currently it is limited to 3 layer depths.

The medium-level learning curve for this software is an indication of the power it has. It takes a few hours to get the basics of it down, but once you do, the workflow is great.

The biggest issue I’ve had with the plugin so far is the lack of import support. Importing a large number of markers from KML/KMZ would be a godsend and would vastly improve the creation processes.

Best map plugin on the market. Keep up the good work!

Excellent plug-in with great potential

This excellent plug-in provides an opportunity to link maps to web-sites and also attach markers, to which you can add pop-up text.
Robert Harm has identified a niche in the word-press market and is proactive in continuing development.
Watch out for this plug-in, it will go far 🙂

Great, straight forward plugin with fantastic support

Absolutely great mapping plugin. A fairly slight learning curve for basic usage (way gentler than others I’ve used) but still with strong flexibility under the hood. I also love that it includes both Open Cycle Map and Transit Map.

My only feature wish for it right now is the ability to make a color key to filter markers based on a vocabulary I create (eg. Cafes, Bars, Lodging, etc), but that by no means is straightforward to implement.

Highly recommended!

For a selection of sites using Maps Marker Pro, please visit showcases