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Great Support for a great plugin!

I have been using Leaflet for a few months, then all of a sudden the markers no longer showed on the maps, after going through the forums and followed the instructions for troubleshooting, I contacted Robert with the problem. He pointed me to the right direction almost immediately – it was my hosting service acting…

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An excellent plugin!

Just what I have been looking for to create mapdata in my wp-pages. Thanks! inge tang

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Leaflet Maps Marker – by far the best

I am a first time wordpress user. I am trying to develop a site (which is currently in beta and will become live on a server soon). I needed a map plugin and I tried several available. Finally it was Leaflet Maps Marker which I settled on. As I use it more and more I…

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Very useful plugin

I am using the plugin on aamjanata.com and am finding it very convenient and useful. It is working well under load tracking Cyclone Phailin resources at the moment. May add it to more sites. Vidyut

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Prompt, concise, support response

I just received from the designer a prompt, concise response to my support question. Very nicely done; I’m impressed! kn100

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