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This is a versatile mapping plugin with many useful features. It give my site a high class look.

Robert, the author, stays on top of things. He takes great pride in producing a quality product. Look no further, you have found the best in WordPress Maps.

Updated on 03 May 2016

It’s not only the Plugin itself that’s fine and gives you a lot editorial options. The author himself gives you fast and effective support

Updated on 03 May 2016

One of my best and must have, fast and easy interface.

Are you looking for a nice Maps, plugin?
So feel lucky are here.

The best Map plugin ever tried. (Believe me I tried a lot)


Updated on 15 December 2017

Tried a couple of googlemaps and OSM plugins and as far as I have seen, this is the best and easiest way to put up maps and markers on a wordpress site.

You can choose to display various google maps (satellite, road, relief, …) or open street maps which is neat.

The overall interface is very professional and there are lot of usefull options.

the best part: it’s easy to add and manage markers even for non-technical persons.

As someone suggested: I would love if users could add and manage their own markers.

It’s irrelevant to the plugin itself, but I also appreciated the way the author ask for support in a non intrusive way and offer different options to support him (paypal, amazon wishlist, buy though his amazon affiliate store which cost nothing to the user, as well as flattr).

Planning to use of one of these option very soon.

Lilian Ricaud

Updated on 15 December 2017

My automatic, go-to plugin for mapping. Vast array of features and customizations. Take the time to read through the first installation and learn how to configure it to your liking and it will reward you every time.

Sets a great example of open source excellence! Love It!


Updated on 03 May 2016