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This plugin began a fun side project at an open data hackathon in Vienna, Austria, the hometown of founder Robert Harm. Thanks to great feedback and reviews from a growing community, it quickly turned into a real business.

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A full featured map plugin that does exactly what it claims. Recommended.

I just had a chance to put this plugin to the test and was really impressed with it’s features and ease of use. I also peeked at the code and it’s obvious this developer is highly skilled and pays strong…

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I don’t know what kind of stupid people put the plugin one star, but I know that they are very wrong. The plugin is admirable! Thank You, Robert!!! Vyacheslav Strenadko

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Absolutely Incredible Map Plugin!

Having used quite a few map plugins (including some paid only ones) Leaflet Maps Marker, has quickly become my favorite. It’s incredibly robust and works perfectly. I haven’t yet used the pro version, but I’m certain that I will be…

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I love it

The best plugin for maps I wish the free edition will be pro for non profit org and schools fisherofer

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Beautiful, easy-to-use plugin with outstanding support

This is definitely the most flexible and easiest-to-use plugin that I have found for adding maps. It also looks really nice, as it has a huge choice of icons (you can use different icons for each marker) and you have…

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Best map plugin

Thanks to the author ! Sagrav

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Great plugin, for sure !

Great plugin, with many possibilities (layers…) and very customizable. The best Maps plugin. Thanks ! ngc-1277

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Useful plugin with lots of features

I only need to set some marks linked to related posts and for that this plugin and its free version is far enough. If some day I have to work with a more complete map to include directions or complex…

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Everything you’ll ever need

This plugin is awesome, with a vast feature set that will do pretty much anything you need it to. I ran into a slight issue with displaying GPX data on the map and the developer responded immediately with fantastic support….

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The best WordPress map plugin – hands down

This plugin has exceed all of my expectations. Most importantly, my customers love it! Just as important though is their support, which has been as good as any I have received from a plug in developer. KellyBalthrop

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