Exactly what I was looking for and super easy to use!

I searched for a long time to find a map tool I could use to create multiple maps to showcase specific things to do around our area for a local home builder. Restaurants on one map, shopping on another, golf, parks, etc, etc all with icons I could customize. I tried the 30-day free trial and found it to be exactly what I needed! I bought it recently and that process was very easy. It’s easy to use and has a TON of options, many more than I even use for my purposes but it’s great to know I can get more detailed if I want. It works perfect in my WordPress theme, I use Avada by Theme Fusion which is also amazing!

AIC Inc.

Great Support

Great, easy and powerful plugin.
Also stoked about the support! Quick and helpful answers.
Even for someone like me who understands little about WordPress. Awesome!


Awesome, Powerful & Functional

Maps Marker Pro is a very robust plugin with so many features I don’t imagine I could ever use them all. But for what I need it has been easy to get great-looking, functional maps on several websites in just a few minutes. The ability to have multiple markers and/or layers with as much info as you want in the pop-up window, change or upload custom marker images, etc makes this tool super-handy and well worth the price! And the support is fast and very helpful too, which is almost more important than the features!


Easy and very customizable

This plugin is really easy to install and setup. The menus and options are easy to understand and the frontend is very customizable.

I found a problem using it, but finally it was a setting of my host.

If you’re looking for a god map plugin, I recommend this one!


thank you

Great plugin and unbeatable support ! Robert replies quickly and he fixes everything !


Really Nice Plugin

Tried this plugin and it setup very easily and worked very well. It looks great to the viewer and does exactly what it claims to do.

If you want an easy to use and nice looking map addition to your site, try this one.


Tried other map plugins – this one is the best

I tried three other mapping plugins and all are pretty good. I could probably have lived with them. Until I found this one!

The import feature is very well done and the import templates (in multiple formats depending on what you need) are excellent and have everything you will need. (Import Export is for the Pro version, which is priced well). Layers are great. The markers can be expanded using free open source graphics (see documentation). The support is fantastic — I am currently in the 30 day free trial of the Pro version (planning to purchase) and I even got personal support as a Pro trial user! I sympathize with anyone who has had a negative plug-in experience. We’ve all been there! But if you have a problem with this plugin you should go to the support forums and ask for help. It is quite a complex plugin with hundreds of options and setting and not everything is immediately apparent.


One of the best!

I’ve checked any plugins and this one is in the top three.

You can customize the icons, get directions, select different sources of maps…

It’s fantastic!


For a selection of sites using Maps Marker Pro, please visit showcases