FANTASTIC map plugin with tons of options


5star Reviews

This plugin works wonderfully, has a ton of options and the support is amazing. I created a three layer map using this plugin which has allowed me to accurately display the distribution locations for a site I built. I can, given the flexibility of the plugin, show options to the users, based upon the layer used for the map. And then, I can show all, based upon a multi-layer map. I’m just amazed! And I can also use my own custom markers allowing me to further identify locations based upon the distribution/products carried. Had some issues of my own making at first and Robert had the patience of a saint as he worked through them with me. GREAT plugin! You won’t regret using it. I had tried a few others before I came across this one, and both didn’t have the features this one does and they both caused conflicts with other loaded plugins. Not the case with this!

Updated on 03 May 2016