Fantastic Plugin and Even BETTER Support


5star Reviews

I can not say enough about this mapmarker plugin. Other programmers should take notes on how to code and handle support for this plugins author.

1: The free version Is NOT crippled in a way that it MUST be used as a pro version. Things like marker clustering and deleting a marker are the main things (has other features too) in the pro version. This makes it a working simple VERY useable free version. [Very impressed]

2: Even with a 5 hour time zone difference, Support was not only free but much less then 24 hour replies, Some problems where even my typos. And ALL comments and suggestions where thought out replies, every single one of them. This should be a model of how the right way to handle not only coding, but support and development. NOTE: this was all with the free version and not the pro. [overwhelmed at the level of caring about his script that it not only functions as intended but that you have it working as you, as the person using it needs it to be for your site]

3: Very rich in features, can display maps any place on your WP site or even outside WP.

4: Can add custom marker icons (even has the place to obtain tons of them free, to augment the ones that come with it)

5:Has API support that allows for customisable forms and other scripts to use direct url for a wide range of uses, in manipulation of the markers and maps.

6: Im sure theres more I could say about this plugin, I have not even used a 1/2 the features included in this plugin yet.

Non at this time, I am confident if I explained the bugs,problems, or anything i had to the author he’d make every effort to fix as fast as he could, I even saw in a comment that he was willing to login to the admin panel with temp access to help personally fix the issue (not only free but within moments of the problem post), so having a con for this plugin would be very hard pressed to have happen, also takes suggestions and issues seriously and fixes them (saw this in comments too) at a blazing speed. The author takes prime in this plugin. having a con I believe would be impossible, and would only happen if a person did not properly convey the problem so it can be fixed.

Again I cant say enough about this plugin. its surely the best plugin I have used and I look forward to the upcoming roadmap the author has planed. I also look forward to any other plugins he may make in the future. Simply an incredible plugin THank you for making it.


Updated on 15 December 2017