How you gonna beat that!


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I had few days before the debut Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas to put a map on my brokerage’ commercial real estate site:, showing our properties around the new F1 track — hustling to get it live before the November race, I set it up in Woothemes’ Canvas — easy as pie. Plugin pie.

It works. It’s easy to configure. And like an onion, the more I peel it (learn it) the more features I discover. It renders a map with pins and pop-ups in customizable “spades”.

I emailed the warmly-hospitable author Robert Harm about airing out the leading in the optional Pin Listing below the map; he snapped back with a CSS padding option in an immediate update. ?! Get this man a cool brew and a plate of BBQ!

I sent him a warm donation — you ought to do the same.

Well done Robert. You’re welcome around my fire anytime.


Updated on 15 December 2017