Phenomenal Maps Plugin


5star Reviews

Longer review because I’m explaining how it works which I didn’t understand at first. But this is THE most incredible plugin. Here’s how it works in case you’re as new as I was.

You make an individual Marker Map showing one location (well laid out data entry despite its many options). That takes about a minute if you have the address handy. If you want a number of locations to show on a map, you create a Layer Map (again, easy data entry layout despite many options). And on the layer, you call in whatever Marker Maps you’ve created that you want. They’re listed below the layer map. Set the zoom level you want visitors to see on default for that layer, and that’s it, you’re ready to go. A Layer Map takes me about 2 minutes, max. Plus, if you forgot to assign your markers to a particular layer, there’s a bulk-action setup so you can select the ones you want to assign to that layer all at once. Sooo friendly!

Next, when writing posts, there’s now a button next to “Add Media” which is “Add Map” and whammo, your individual marker maps and layer maps are listed. Highlight which map you want in the post and hit “Insert map” and in comes the bracketed shortcode. Place it wherever you want the map to appear within the post, and presto. Done deal. No glitches, no confusion. Easily changeable.

Pop-up balloons on Marker Maps are either defaulted to show, or set for click-marker-to-show/hide, your call, with each one individually. You can put anything in those pop-up balloons you want. This is sooo easy, sooo user friendly (both backend and frontend) and everything works. I did have a glitch on the free version which disappeared when I downloaded the “free 30 days trial full version” and it may well have been something I was doing but I’d suggest starting with the free version just to see how it works, but as soon as you’re thinking you like it, go to the 30-day trial. LOVE this plugin! I use a ton of maps and they have to be VERY flexible. Heads, tails and bodies over the other two map plugins I tried. Just no freaking comparison at all.


Updated on 15 December 2017