World Class plugin


5star Reviews

Blown away at how many features this plugin has, and how well it works. Everything is customizable. Options options options! Love it!

Works very well. The layering feature is amazing, and makes supporting multiple maps a cinch. On that note, it could use the ability to nest multi-layer maps within higher-level multi-layer maps. Currently it is limited to 3 layer depths.

The medium-level learning curve for this software is an indication of the power it has. It takes a few hours to get the basics of it down, but once you do, the workflow is great.

The biggest issue I’ve had with the plugin so far is the lack of import support. Importing a large number of markers from KML/KMZ would be a godsend and would vastly improve the creation processes.

Best map plugin on the market. Keep up the good work!

Updated on 03 May 2016