Google Maps increases prices with July 16th 2018: How this affects you, how to avoid high payments and how to switch to free alternatives

Coming into effect with July 16th 2018, Google greatly increases prices for their Maps API products. Map content creators and developers who until recently would not be charged to use the big company’s services could now be facing potentially high monthly payments.

We summarized all you need to know about the new Google Maps prices

While many people the Maps Marker Pro community prefer other services, we know that some of you use Google Maps as your basemap and/or geocoding provider. So naturally, many of you will have questions regarding the changes and how they affect you. Or maybe you’re a new mapper, looking for the best way to start a project, trying to make sense of the options you’ve got.  

We’ve got you covered: We summarized all you need to know about Google Maps’ new pricing structure and how you can avoid potential high payments in our FAQ on Google ToS changes.

We have free alternatives ready to go!

But what if you don’t agree with these changes? Many mappers are now switching to free alternatives, like OpenStreetMap. With Maps Marker Pro, free maps & free geocoding comes ready-to-use, as your default. If you already use Google Maps services within your Maps Marker Pro account, you can easily move your project to a different provider with just a few clicks, and you don’t lose any of your settings and data. We have put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to switch your basemap and geocoding provider at

But no matter which option you choose: Happy mapping! 🙂

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