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I only get “loading map – please wait…” and no map

Since free v3.1, all needed javascripts are loaded into the footer of your website for better performance. This is done by using the default function wp_footer(); which can be found in most themes in footer.php or index.php (and is also recommended for all themes by WordPress as otherwise some default functions might not work either). Here an example of footer.php:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

So please check first within your template (e.g. wp-content/themes/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/footer.php) if the function wp_footer() is present and if not, please add it to your theme as many other plugins and WordPress itself also depends on it.

If you don´t have the file footer.php, please check if the function wp_footer() is present in the file index.php.

If you added the template tag and the message “loading map – please wait…” gets displayed anyway, please follow the steps from the readme-first post in the support forum, as this could be a conflict with another plugin.

If this does not help either (or if you don´t like to add this template tag to your theme), please navigate to the plugins settings in the backend and try setting the option “Where to insert Javascript files on frontend?” under Misc / General settings to “header (+inline javascript)”:


Please note that this setting has been removed in pro v1.5.5 and was re-added with v1.5.6 for compatibility reasons – so if you changed this setting in the free version and upgraded to current pro version, you have to change this setting again (once only).

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