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Geocoding: Geocoding takes a human-readable location, such as an address or place name, and turns it into specific latitude and longitude coordinates. This helps us locate things on a map

Reverse Geocoding: Reverse geocoding is the opposite. It takes those latitude and longitude coordinates and figures out what human-readable location they represent. It’s like turning map coordinates back into an address or a place name. This is useful when you have a set of coordinates and want to know where they are on Earth.

LocationIQ is the default geocoding and maps provider for Maps Marker Pro. You will have access to these APIs without the need for a separate LocationIQ account. This is rate limited to

  • 1,000 geocoding requests per day per IP and
  • 2 requests per second

For users seeking higher limits, LocationIQ offers the option to sign up and integrate their API key into the Maps Marker Pro plugin settings (details). LocationIQ’s free plan allows an increased daily limit of 5,000 requests per day. User’s seeking for limits higher than this, can choose to upgrade to a paid plan over at LocationIQ.

Comparison of geocoding providers

Name + setup tutorialAPI key needed?Rate limits
LocationIQ Geocoding (Default for new installations)NoKeyless geocoding with 1,000 requests/day/IP, 2 requests/second; with personalized free API key up to 5.000 requests/day/IP - larger plans available on demand - details here
TomTom Geocoding Yes2.500 requests/day, 5 requests/minute; details about larger plans at
Google GeocodingYesminimum billing per month applies (starting from 11th June 2018 - click here for details)
MapQuest GeocodingYes15.000 transactions/month and a maximum of 10 requests/second; higher quotas are available
Stadia Maps GeocodingYes200.000 credits / month, details at Stadia Maps Pricing
Algolia Places (discontinued)Non/a

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Updated on 18 August 2023