Changelog for Maps Marker Pro (dev)





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Please note: the dev version has not been released yet! The table below shows a list of new features, changes and fixes which have already been implemented for the next version – which will be released once it passes our tests and meets our quality criteria.

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Changelog for development version

add option to show marker when using location finder
update default icons for interface
remove unused control on draw tab
update Leaflet to 1.9.4
update Google Mutant to 0.14.0
update Chart.js to 4.3.0
update Leaflet-Geoman to 2.14.2
update date-fns to 2.30.0
fix Google API callback warning
fix PHP 8.1 deprecation warnings
fix enter key not working for marker search on some mobile devices
updated German translation by Maps Marker Pro team and Daniel Luttermann→ contribute

Updated on 29 May 2022