Free your maps! Maps Marker Pro is partnering up with Mapzen

Posted on 01 November, 2016



We’re happy to announce that Maps Marker Pro is partnering up with Mapzen, an open, sustainable, and accessible mapping platform.


When Maps Marker Pro founder Robert Seyfriedsberger started working on the plugin three years ago, it began as a fun side project at an open data hackathon in his hometown Vienna, Austria. With Maps Marker Pro, he aimed to create an individual Geo-CMS that features highest security standards and a moral code. It quickly turned into a real business, thanks to great feedback and reviews from a growing community. Today, we’re happy to add our partnership with Mapzen as another milestone in the Maps Marker Pro’s history.

We chose to partner up with Mapzen not only because their product is excellent, but because we share the same values. We both believe in the power of openness and its social, political and economic value.

While data of public interest should definitely be open, your own, personal data should always be kept private and safely encrypted: That’s why Maps Marker Pro never stores your geolocation data, uses https by default and keeps up with latest security standards (see our privacy policy for more details). With frequent updates we also regularly add new features and we fiercely document everything on our blog.

We work hard to make sure that Maps Marker Pro doesn’t only work well, but that how it works is compliant with best practices for ethical coding. Gigantic mapping platforms narrow down their users’ options with a proprietary approach and act increasingly questionable regarding privacy concerns. That’s not how we think, and it’s not what we want to force on our users.

Per default, Maps Marker Pro now uses Mapzen Search to turn addresses into latitude and longitude values. That’s possible because of Mapzen’s recent innovation to provide keyless access to their service, without mandatory user’s registration. (For those working especially with Maps Marker Pro importer and APIs, we recommend to register a free Mapzen API key, which allows up to go from 1,000 requests/day, 1 request/second and 6 requests/minute that you get with the keyless access up to 30,000 requests/day and 6 requests/second. But it’s up to you.)

We’re proud to say that by partnering up with Mapzen we not only add an excellent service, but the freedom of openness to Maps Marker Pro.

So, if you’re looking for a way to share your favorite spots and tracks on your own WordPress site, give Maps Marker Pro a try. We’d be happy to welcome you among the ranks of our awesome user community!

Read the full feature list, test the live demo or get your free 30-days-trial.