Leaflet Maps Marker v1.4 is available

Posted on 23 January, 2012


Free-Version Releases
Attention: this is not the changelog for the latest stable version 4.29 (see related release notes)

I am glad to announce, that the often requested feature for directions has now found its way into version 1.4 of Leaflet Maps Marker. Now you can not only show your locations to your website visitors, but also give them directions on how to best get there by car/bike/foot, sample screenshot:

For a live demo please see the demo maps on the frontpage of www.mapsmarker.com.

In the plugin settings area there is now a new tab called directions, where you can configure which directions provider you want to use for your map:

Although I would prefer OpenStreetMap routing, I set Google Maps as default, as it delivers the highest usability (get location via HTML5, least clicks needed to display route information and more). If you live in Europe, you might want to try openrouteservice.org, which also delivers a good usability and is based on OpenStreetMap data. Anyway you can choose different routing options for each provider (prefered transportation type…) for each provider in settings / directions.

The directions link gets added by default to the API panel (see the car on the map above) and by default the link “Directions” (please also see the map above) also gets attached to the popup text on each marker. Both settings can be disabled if you don´t want to show the directions link to your users (API panel link via settings / Marker defaults; Popup-text via settings / Directions).

 New mass actions

Another new feature which made it into v1.4 are new mass-actions for all existing markers. Via “Tool” you can now change all settings for all existing markers, including basemap, overlays, wms, icon, mapsize, popuptext, popup status and more:


v1.4 also includes some bugfixes for layout issues and configuration problem on some hosts leading to markers not being saved to database or API links not working.

Full changelog

  • NEW: added support for routing service from Google Maps
  • NEW: added support for routing service from yournavigation.org
  • NEW: added support for routing service from openrouteservice.org
  • NEW: mass-actions for changing default values for existing markers (map size, icon, panel status, zoom, basemap…)
  • CHANGED: panel status can now also be selected as column for marker/layer listing page
  • CHANGED: controlbox status column for markers/layers list view now displays text instead of 0/1/2
  • BUGFIX: method for adding markers/layers as some users reported that new markers/layers were not saved to database
  • BUGFIX: method for plugin active-check as some users reported that API links did not work
  • BUGFIX: marker/layer name in fullscreen panel did not support UTF8-characters
  • BUGFIX: text width in tinymce editor was not the same as in popup text
  • BUGFIX: several German translation text strings
  • BUGFIX: markers added directly with shortcode caused error on frontend

Please let me what you think of this new release. If you have any issues, please see this page on how to get support. If an important feature is missing, please add your feature requests on Github. I am also looking for more translations – if you would like to contribute a new one, please visit this page for more information.