Maps Marker Pro v4.0.1 is available

Posted on 21 October, 2018


Pro-Version Releases
Attention: this is not the changelog for the latest stable version 4.29.1 (see related release notes)

We just released Maps Marker Pro v4.0.1 which includes several fixes based on feedback from different users. So in case you had issues with the migration tool in v4.0 (blank maps if Stamen basemaps or OpenStreetMap variants were used in v3.1.1 or if you used a custom icon directory for example, please re-run the migration tool with v4.0.1).

Additionally we fixed an issue with blank maps on certain zoom levels, so this update is – as always – highly recommended, also for those who did not experience any migration issues.

If you did not update to v4.0 yet, please see the release notes from v4.0 for installation instruction, migration tutorial and post installation tasks.

If you still experience any issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket.

Happy mapping!

Your Maps Marker Pro team

Full changelog

Changelog for version 4.0.1 - released on 21.10.2018 (release notes)

allow zoom level of up to 23 for markers
fix blank maps on certain zoom levels
fix default basemaps not migrating properly
migration tool failed if custom icon directory did not exist
migration tool did not support custom icon directories
marker assignments were not saved correctly
Yoast sitemap integration (XML validation failed)
"popup on hover" did not show popup on click on touch devices
directions link in popuptext was broken
use correct JS data types for shortcodes and fix callback
updated Czech translation thanks to Viktor Kleiner and Vlad Kuzba→ contribute
updated Russian translation thanks to Ekaterina Golubina (supported by Teplitsa of Social Technologies - and Vyacheslav Strenadko,→ contribute
updated Swedish translation thanks to Olof Odier, Tedy Warsitha, Dan Paulsson, Elger Lindgren, Anton Andreasson and Tony Lygnersjö→ contribute