Maps Marker Pro v4.27 with support for Stadia maps (as replacement for Stamen) is available

Posted on 21 October, 2023


Pro-Version Releases
Attention: this is not the changelog for the latest stable version 4.29.1 (see related release notes)

We are happy to release Maps Marker Pro v4.27, which add support for Stadia maps as a replacement for Stamen tiles which will be discontinued by the end of October.

An updated to the latest version is – as always – highly recommended. If you access to updates and support has expired, please click here for more information on how to optionally renew your access. Although your license key never expires, unless you renew your access to updates and support, you will not be able to get plugin updates including new features, optimizations, bug and security fixes, translations updates as well as access to our helpdesk with dedicated 1:1 support. Therefore we always recommend updating to the latest version of Maps Marker Pro.

add Stadia basemaps (as replacement for Stamen)

Stamen has discontinued their tile hosting services and partnered with with Stadia Maps to provide tile hosting. In order to continue using Stamen map tiles, you need to register a free Stadia Maps account and obtain an API key. For more information on how to set up Stadia Maps in Maps Marker Pro, please click here.

Optimizations and improvements

  • copy health check report to clipboard instead of downloading

3rd party library changes

  • update Chart.js to 4.4.0
  • update ESRI to 3.0.11
  • update PUC to 5.2


  • fix sorting by date not working on list all markers page

Translation updates

Thanks to our translators this release also includes updated translations, see full changelog for details.

If you want to join our team of more than 235 translators and contribute to translations (in exchange for free licenses) , please visit for more information.

Full changelog

Changelog for version 4.27 - released on 21.10.2023 (release notes)

add Stadia basemaps
copy health check report to clipboard instead of downloading
update Chart.js to 4.4.0
update ESRI to 3.0.11
update PUC to 5.2
fix sorting by date not working on list all markers page
updated Czech translation thanks to Viktor Kleiner and Vlad Kuzba→ contribute
updated Danish translation thanks to Mark Aabo Pedersen, Mads Dyrmann Larsen and Peter Erfurt→ contribute
updated Galician translation thanks to Fernando Coello, Jorge Castro Ruso→ contribute
updated German translation by Maps Marker Pro team and Daniel Luttermann→ contribute
updated Japanese translations thanks to Shu Higash and Taisuke Shimamoto→ contribute

If you experience any issues, please search our knowledge base or submit a helpdesk ticket.

Happy mapping!

Your Maps Marker Pro team

How to update

The recommended way to update is to use the WordPress update process: login with an user who has admin privileges, navigate to Dashboard / Updates, select plugins to update and press the button “Update Plugins”. The pro plugin checks every 24 hours if a new version is available. You can also manually trigger the update check by going to Plugins and clicking on the link “Check for updates” next to “Maps Marker Pro”.

If there is an update available, please start the update by clicking the link “update now”.

Additional information for beta testers

No additional changes needed (as there was no beta release for this release).

Additional information for Database API users

No additional actions are required for Database API users when updating to this version.

How to install Maps Marker Pro from scratch

For directly downloading and installing the Maps Marker Pro as zip file, please click here.

How to verify the integrity of the plugin package

For the SHA-256 hash value and the number of files for this release please check the following file:

This file is digitally signed with our PGP key, key signature file available at

Click here for a tutorial on how to verify the integrity of the plugin package (recommended if the plugin package for a new installation was not downloaded from – verification is not needed though if the automatic update process is used).

Questions? Feedback? Comments?

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