Pro-Feature: remove backlinks, upload icon button & custom icon directory

Posted on 11 February, 2013



For a live demo of these features please visit

Leaflet Maps Marker Pro offers the following features regarding backlinks and marker icons in contrast to the free version:

1. option to remove backlinks

With the pro version you have the option to hide backlinks to on marker and layer maps as well as removing the screen overlay in KML files:


2. option to change Wikitude description

I also added an option to make the Wikitude description – currently “Wikitude API powered by” configurable in Settings / Augmented-Reality / Wikitude. This description gets displayed when opening a Wikitude World with the Wikitude World Browser:


3. integrated upload button

Uploading new icons gets easier with the pro version – no more need to use a FTP client – just click on the new upload button and add new icons from WordPress admin area easily:


4. option to set a custom icon directory

As announced in free v3.5.2, I added a safe way to use a custom marker icon directory: