News - Releases

22. April 2016

Pro v2.7-beta2 with support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend & more is available

v2.7-beta2 includes all changes from v2.7-beta1 and also adds support for a home-button, which allows you to reset the map to its initial state (thx Randall for the feedback!): By default this home button only gets displayed if the map view is changed. In Settings / Map defaults / Control Options there is a new setting […]

19. April 2016

Pro v2.7-beta1 with support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend & more is available

We kindly invite all interested users in testing v2.7-beta1 and reporting any issues by using the helpdesk, leaving a comment or using the contact form. The highlights of the upcoming release are support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend, dynamic list of markers below layer maps including paging/search/sorting, a new REST API, a Javascript Events API […]

6. December 2015

Pro v2.6.2 – compatibility and bugfix release for deferred loading – is available

Some users reported issues with the new Google deferred loading feature introduced by the last release. We analysed these issues and found that there are some themes which can cause issues if this features is active. This is why we released v2.6.2 which allows you to disable the deferred Google loading feature and use the old method before […]

29. November 2015

Pro v2.6.1 with significantly decreased loadtimes for OpenStreetMap-based maps is available

Although we tested v2.6 intensively, some user reported issues immediately after the release last weekend. This was quite frustrating for us in the beginning as we aim to deliver a high quality premium mapping plugin. Anyway after intensive research we found that the main issue was caused by other plugins also loading the Google Maps API which resulted in problems on […]

21. November 2015

Pro v2.6 with leaflet 0.7.7, sort list of markers by distance, highlight markers, URL hashes, XML sitemaps integration & more is available

Actually we planned to add support for filtering on frontend with v2.6 – unfortunately due to urgent bugfixes within third-party-libraries and due to the related complexity caused by the number of changes, we decided to change our release plan and postpone filtering to v2.7. Nevertheless v2.6 has some great new features and optimizations that we are sure […]