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30. August 2013

Pro v1.2 – with support for GPX tracks, whitelabel admin, advanced permissions & settings optimizations – is available

“No pain, no gain” – this has been definitely true for this release and I am sure it has been worth it 🙂 Actually I would have been finished earlier if there were no Internet Explorer out there anymore (at least v8 😉 ). If you want to keep up to date with the latest […]

29. August 2013

v1.2-RC1 with support for GPX tracks & more is available

I just released v1.2-RC1 with support for GPX tracks, option to whitelabel backend admin pages, advanced permission settings and an optimized settings page (added direct links, return to last seen page after saving and full-text-search). If no more errors are reported, v1.2 final (with more detailled release notes) will be released on Saturday. how to […]

17. August 2013

v1.2-beta1 with support for GPX tracks is available

I decided to release v1.2-beta1 with support for GPX tracks in order to hopefully get lots of feedback before the official release next week 😉 Adding GPX tracks is quite easy as I am using the WordPress media library with the category “GPX tracks” (WordPress >=3.5 is recommended as I am also using the new […]

10. August 2013

Pro v1.1.2 – bugfix release (maps in tabs) – is available

v1.1.2 is a small but important bugfix release which fixes an issue that has been around for a longer time: displaying maps correctly in tabs. See below for details. If you want to keep up to date with the latest Maps Marker development, please follow @MapsMarker on twitter, on Facebook, Google+ or subscribe to news via RSS or via RSS/email. Now let´s […]

5. August 2013

v1.1.1p – support for anonymous testing – is available

We found that many people used the pro upgrader in the free version but then did not register for a free 30-day-trial license key. To make one thing clear: your personal data will not be sold, rented or disclosed. Period. Please read our privacy policy for more details. Your email is mainly used for sending […]