24. June 2013

Apply for Leaflet Maps Marker Pro beta test

Pro v1.0 will be released on July 22nd. Today I started a limited beta test with selected users in order to deliver high quality right from the beginning. If you want to join please send an email via contact form. All beta testers sending back their feedback until July 15th will receive a 20% promotion […]

5. June 2013

Pro-Feature: marker clustering

For a live demo of this feature please visit Leaflet Maps Marker Pro allows you to create beautifully animated marker clusters for layer maps: This is especially useful if you have lots of markers on your map and also helps to reduce the loadtime of your layer maps. Clustering can be enabled/disabled for each […]

27. May 2013

Pro-preview: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Building a pro plugin not only means developing lots of exciting features, but also setting up an organizational and legal framework which you can rely on when deciding to use Leaflet Maps Marker Pro for your business in the future (and this is also part of why the release date had to be postponed 😉 […]

25. May 2013

Pro-Feature: advanced recent marker widget

For a live demo of this feature please visit The recent marker widget has been enhanced with Leaflet Maps Marker Pro: you are able to include or exclude markers and layers – allowing you to show only the markers you need on your site: Furthermore can also remove the attribution link from the recent […]

22. May 2013

Pro-Feature: MapsMarker API

Maps Marker Pro include with an integrated API (GET+POST) which allows you to manage your markers and layers through external applications. For more details please visit the MapsMarker API docs.