6. March 2013

Pro-Feature: Minimaps

For a live demo of this feature please visit Leaflet Maps Marker Pro integrates of the fabulos minimap plugin by Norkart AS which creates a small map in the corner which shows the same as the main map with a set zoom offset: There are  several options you can set for the minimap – […]

26. February 2013

Pro-Feature: custom Google Maps styling

The pro version allows you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas. Below an example with roads hidden: Configuring these styles can easily be done by using the Google Maps Styled Wizard – you can preview the styles you […]

23. February 2013

Pro-Feature: mobile web app support for fullscreen maps

For a live demo of this feature please visit Fullscreen maps are optimized for mobile devices in the pro version – not only by using native javascript instead of jquery but also by considering the viewport of the device used for example. Below a screenshot of a fullscreen map on a Nexus 4 with […]

18. February 2013

Pro-Feature: visualead QR codes with caching support

For a live demo of this feature please visit Leaflet Maps Marker Pro uses the QR provider as new default for creating QR code images to fullscreen maps: Since pro v1.5 the generated QR code images are cached to deliver a higher performance on subsequent calls. If you want to use a custom […]

11. February 2013

Pro-Feature: remove backlinks, upload icon button & custom icon directory

For a live demo of these features please visit Leaflet Maps Marker Pro offers the following features regarding backlinks and marker icons in contrast to the free version: 1. option to remove backlinks With the pro version you have the option to hide backlinks to on marker and layer maps as well as […]