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Need support? please read me first!

Before opening a new support ticket, please read the following steps which give you a guideline on how to deal with the most common issues:

  1. Check if your question is already answered by the FAQ on
  2. if not, please check the Docs on
  3. if not, please check for similar questions in the Leaflet Maps Marker-WordPress support forum (directlink search)

    Still no result? then please try the following things next, as these are the most common causes for problems:

  4. disable all other plugins and check if your problem got solved. If yes, please identify the incompatible plugin by re-activating plugins one-by-one. If you found the incompatible plugin, please let me know so that I can check if I can fix this problem within my plugin or if I have to enhance the built-in incompatibility check.
  5. if this didnt help, try switching to another WordPress theme – like the default theme TwentyTwelve.
  6. If your problem is still unsolved, open a new support ticket if you are already a pro user or if you are using the free version, write a new support request in the WordPress forum and don´t forget to include the following information:
    – link to your website/installation where we can take a look at the problem – most people forget about this, which is like having a car problem and asking the mechanic to fix it via phone 🙂
    – info which WordPress version you are using
    – info which plugin version you are using (I´d recommend always using the latest version and checking your problem before posting a new request!)
    – things you already checked in order to fix your problem