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v3.2.1 – no more manual edits when using do_shortcode() – is available

v3.2 which I released yesterday, introduced conditional css loading. This means that the plugin´s css files are only loaded, if you use a shortcode within your content. The solution behind this had one disadvantage: if you added maps directly to your template files via do_shortcode(), the css files were not loaded. As I assumed that if a person changed the template file, he/she is also capable of adding additional code to header.php, I implemented a manual fallback – displaying an infobox with what to do if you used this method to add maps to your site.

What I didn´t think about was that the person using a WordPress template is not necessary the one who added do_shortcode() to the files. Beside that, I wasn´t very happy with this approach either, as I want my plugin to be usable out of the box – without having users to change something within their template files.

This is the reason why I released v3.2.1 today where I implemented a different solution for checking for do_shortcode() within template files and if the string [mapsmarker is found, the css files get enqueued to your site´s header.

One personal request: as WordPress added a new review feature for plugins hosted on, I kindly invite you to leave your opinion about my plugin at

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Translations updates

Thanks to many motivated contributors, v3.2.1 comes with the following translation updates:

Updated translations

If you want to contribute to translations (Persian would be great 😉 ), please visit for more information.


  • recent marker widget showed error message with WordPress 3.5
  • margin was added within basemap control box on some templates

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no more manual template edits needed if you use do_shortcode() to display maps
updated Chinese translation thanks to John Shen,
updated German translation
recent marker widget showed error message with WordPress 3.5
margin was added within basemap control box on some templates

Please let me what you think of this new release. If you have any issues, please see this page on how to get support. If an important feature is missing, please add your feature requests on Github. I am also looking for more translations – if you would like to contribute a new one, please visit this page for more information. And of course I´d very appreciate your review for my plugin on 😉

2 Responses to “v3.2.1 – no more manual edits when using do_shortcode() – is available”

    I have your map plugin in the footer of my site in a widget. I am getting an error box. How do I get rid of it? It was working fine before the update.

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