Maps Marker Pro v4.25 with support for locationIQ basemaps is available

Posted on 11 June, 2023


Pro-Version Releases
Attention: this is not the changelog for the latest stable version 4.29.1 (see related release notes)

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Maps Marker Pro v4.25, an update which brings forth exciting new additions, key updates, and bug fixes. This release offers enriched user experience, boosted by the addition of LocationIQ basemaps and a feature to show markers when using location finder.

We have also updated our interface with a fresh set of default icons and made a leap forward with the updated Leaflet to 1.9.4. As always, we urge you to keep your Maps Marker Pro up to date to benefit from these enhancements, as well as to maintain access to our dedicated 1:1 support.

For a comprehensive look at all the changes and enhancements included in this release, please dive into the details below:

add LocationIQ basemaps

We are delighted to broaden our cooperation with LocationIQ in the latest release of Maps Marker Pro v4.25. Strengthening our existing partnership, this update sees the integration of LocationIQ basemaps into our innovative plugin, providing more versatility to your mapping experience.

Our partnership with LocationIQ began with the integration of their excellent geocoding services, and we are excited to further leverage their capabilities by incorporating their map tiles as a basemap option in our plugin. Now, users will have the flexibility to use these high-quality, detailed basemaps for their mapping requirements.

In order to use LocationIQ basemaps, register for a free key, the navigate to Settings / Layers / LocationIQ and enter your key there:

After saving, you will be able to select  LocationIQ basemaps on the map edit page on the Layers tab:

You can choose between LocationIQ Streets, LocationIQ Dark and LocationIQ Light as styles.

Anyway this is just the beginning. We are in talks with LocationIQ to bring more of their outstanding services into Maps Marker Pro. Stay tuned for further exciting enhancements as we continue to expand our cooperation with LocationIQ. There is more to come, and we can hardly wait to share it with you!

update Leaflet to 1.9.4

We are excited to keep pace with the evolving world of web mapping with our latest update of Leaflet.js to v1.9.4 in Maps Marker Pro. This version sets the foundation for a modernized user experience in line with the latest advancements in the web platform.

This update is significant as it marks the shift of Leaflet.js into maintenance mode for the 1.x code, with future releases focused on critical bug fixes. While Leaflet.js 2.0 is still in the works, it signals several important changes that will also impact Maps Marker Pro users once leaflet v2 is implemented:

  1. Saying Goodbye to Internet Explorer: With Internet Explorer reaching its official end-of-life, Leaflet.js is shifting towards an evergreen strategy. This will focus on browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari, enabling more efficient and seamless web mapping experiences.
  2. Welcoming Modern JavaScript: Leaflet.js has been written entirely in ES5 to maintain backward compatibility. The update will adopt a more modern version of the ECMAScript standard, allowing Leaflet.js to benefit from recent JavaScript features and ensuring a smooth experience in line with modern JavaScript libraries.
  3. Standardized Modules: Leaflet.js is moving towards ECMAScript modules, the clear way forward in uniting the JavaScript ecosystem. This shift will greatly reduce the complexity of distributed code, making it easier to implement and use.
  4. Removal of the Leaflet Global: The familiar ‘L’ global, where all of Leaflet’s functionality resides, will be removed to enable better dead-code elimination through tree-shaking. However, to preserve backward compatibility with older plugins, a manually imported shim will restore this functionality.

This Leaflet.js update is a significant stride towards a future-proof Maps Marker Pro, capable of providing you with a modern, efficient, and flexible mapping experience. Enjoy these new enhancements and stay tuned for more exciting updates as Leaflet.js continues to evolve!

Supporting the Leaflet.js Community

In light of recent global events, we want to take a moment to express our solidarity with the Leaflet.js community, particularly with its creator, Volodymyr Agafonkin, who is currently facing a dire situation in his homeland, Ukraine.

Volodymyr created Leaflet.js 11 years ago, and it has since been a pivotal tool for the Maps Marker Pro family and many others across the globe. The current crisis in Ukraine has deeply impacted Volodymyr and thousands of innocent civilians who are now fighting for their lives.

We strongly condemn the violence and human rights violations occurring in Ukraine. We echo Volodymyr’s plea: educate yourself and others on the situation, support credible journalism, advocate for strong sanctions against Russia and increased support for Ukraine, and consider donating to Ukrainian charities.

If you are looking for ways to help, one charity recommended by Ukrainians is Come Back Alive. Other options can be found at StandWithUkraine.

We’ve been deeply moved to see Leaflet.js being used in critical humanitarian efforts, including documenting war crimes and coordinating aid work. We applaud these efforts and stand with the Leaflet community in this challenging time.

Your support matters. As Volodymyr rightly stated, the future of Ukrainian citizens is the future of Leaflet. Let’s unite to ensure the sustainability of this community that has been integral to so many of our digital experiences.

add option to show marker when using location finder

When using the geosearch option field above the list of markers (“London, England, United Kingdom” in the example below), you can now enable the option “Show marker” to also display the a marker icon for the search result on the map:

update default icons for interface

With v4.25 we also updated the default icons for the map interface to be more consistent:

Optimizations and improvements

  • remove unused control on draw tab
  • localize date in list of markers
  • add compatibility to migrate data from Leaflet Maps Marker

3rd party library changes

  • update Google Mutant to 0.14.0
  • update Chart.js to 4.3.0
  • update Leaflet-Geoman to 2.14.2


  • fix Google API callback warning
  • fix PHP 8.1 deprecation warnings
  • fix enter key not working for marker search on some mobile devices
  • fix Google geocoding not working when using importer

Known issues

  • “XML Sitemap Generator for Google” v4.1.9 or higher is causing Maps Marker Pro backend functionality to break (related ticket)

Translation updates

Thanks to our translators this release also includes updated translations, see full changelog for details.

If you want to join our team of more than 235 translators and contribute to translations (in exchange for free licenses) , please visit for more information.

Full changelog

Changelog for version 4.25 - released on 12.06.2023 (release notes)

add LocationIQ basemaps
add option to show marker when using location finder
update default icons for interface
remove unused control on draw tab
localize date in list of markers
add compatibility to migrate data from Leaflet Maps Marker
update Leaflet to 1.9.4
update Google Mutant to 0.14.0
update Chart.js to 4.3.0
update Leaflet-Geoman to 2.14.2
fix Google API callback warning
fix PHP 8.1 deprecation warnings
fix enter key not working for marker search on some mobile devices
fix Google geocoding not working when using importer
"XML Sitemap Generator for Google" v4.1.9 or higher is causing Maps Marker Pro backend functionality to break (related ticket)
updated Catalan translation thanks to Roc, Efraim Bayarri, Vicent Cubells and Marta Espinalt→ contribute
updated Chinese translation thanks to John Shen and ck→ contribute
updated Galician translation thanks to Fernando Coello, Jorge Castro Ruso→ contribute
updated German translation by Maps Marker Pro team and Daniel Luttermann→ contribute
updated Esperanto translation thanks to Kamil Getka→ contribute
updated Finnish translation thanks to Jessi Björk→ contribute
updated French translation thanks to Vincèn Pujol, Rodolphe Quiedeville, Fx Benard, Cazal Cédric, Fabian Hurelle and Thomas Guignard→ contribute
updated Italian translation thanks to Luca Barbetti and Angelo Giammarresi→ contribute
updated Japanese translations thanks to Shu Higash and Taisuke Shimamoto→ contribute
updated Lithuanian translation thanks to Donatas Liaudaitis and Donatas Liaudaitis→ contribute
updated Dutch translation thanks to Ronald Smeets, Marijke Metz, Patrick Ruers, Fokko van der Leest and Hans Temming→ contribute
updated Polish translation thanks to Pawel Wyszyński, Tomasz Rudnicki, Robert Pawlak, Daniel and Paul Dworniak→ contribute
updated Ukrainian translation thanks to Yaroslav B Yaroshevskyy, Andrexj, Sergey Zhitnitsky and Mykhailo→ contribute

If you experience any issues, please search our knowledge base or submit a helpdesk ticket.

Happy mapping!

Your Maps Marker Pro team

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