– new FAQ system and faster website

Posted on 14 September, 2012



“Leaflet Maps Marker” has been downloaded more than 22.000 times today – thanks a lot for your trust and your great feedback, which motivates me to keep on working on the plugin :-).

Beside constantly improving the plugin by adding new features and bugfixes, I started focusing on improving the website When I launched my plugin in January 2012, I didn´t have time left to design an individual template – so I used WordPress´s default template “TwentyEleven”. I am currently working on a complete redesign with a designer which will give the plugin´s website a more individual look…

As this will still take some time, I started working on improving existing features, which you will hopefully appreciate:

1. updated FAQ system

Documentation is important. It helps me focusing on developing new features instead of giving the same answers again and again to different users. This is why I created a support procedure which I kindly ask you to follow when you have a question about my plugin. Especially important is the “Read me first”-post in the WordPress support forum which gives you a guideline on how to proceed on support requests.

Beside docs and tutorials about installation and usage, the FAQ page plays an essential role in providing answers to frequently asked questions. This is why I upgraded to the premium version of the plugin Q-and-A Plus. The FAQ page is now more structured and also allows search.

2. Faster website thanks to Amazon Cloudfront is currently serving more than 250 unique daily visitors from all over the world. Although I migrated the domain to a more performant server recently at my very reliable and supportive hosting provider, I felt that I still need some more improvement to serve the website faster to its users. This is why I integrated Amazon Cloudfront thanks to the fabulous W3TC cache plugin which makes this task easier than ever 🙂 So this means that static images for are now served to you from different Amazon hosting locations throughout the world depending where you are located.

3. updates on and twitter

I plan to use the blog at in the future not only for infos about new releases, but also for other topics regarding maps or similar topics. To get informed about new blog posts, you can subscribe via RSS or via Email.

If you are interested in more recent updates about the development of “Leaflet Maps Marker”, please also follow me on Twitter (@MapsMarker) which is my favoried channel for talking to the users of my plugin 🙂