News - Releases

6. December 2014

Pro v2.0 with GPX, layer management & security improvements is available

I am happy to announce Maps Marker Pro v2.0! This release adds improvements to layer management on backend and GPX improvements also on frontend as highlights. In addition, smaller under-the-hood optimizations and bugfixes as well as security enhancements have been added. Please read below for detailed changes. Let me know what you think about this […]

15. November 2014

Pro v1.9.2 with license proxy support & accessibility/screen reader improvements is available

Russian authorities blocked all servers from my hoster as they refused to take down a legal, but political website. As a result, Maps Marker Pro license validations began to fail from Russian customers. This version adds a license proxy which will help overcome that kind of censorship. In addition, the overall accessibility of the plugin […]

10. October 2014

Pro v1.9.1 focusing on bugfixes and refinements is available

This release is dedicated to Pippin from who wrote the inspiring post “Refinement: the greatly unappreciated aspect of project releases” 🙂 I also believe that in the long run fixing bugs and adding optimizations for existing features is more important than just adding new features – so v1.9.1 includes lots of bugfixes and refinements which you will […]

29. August 2014

Pro v1.9 with geolocation support and RTL fixes is available

After 5 weeks of development and testing v1.9 is finally available. As the main highlight pro v1.9 now also offers geolocation support. Furthermore lots of fixes and improvements under the hood have been implemented – many resulting from your valuable feedback. Please see below for more details about this release. Let me know what you think about this […]

25. August 2014

v1.9-beta1 with support for geolocation is available

I kindly invite all interested user in testing v1.9-beta1 and reporting any issues. v1.9 final (with more detailed release notes) is planned to be released on August 30th. Changelog geolocation support: show and follow your location when viewing maps added IE11 native fullscreen support search function for layerlist on marker edit page support for using […]