We’re retiring the free version and gifting you a coupon code for an upgrade to Maps Marker Pro

Posted on 06 January, 2020


Free-Version Releases

Update 08/2022: we released Leaflet Maps Marker v3.12.5 which fixes a security vulnerability.

As the free version does not receive any additional functional updates or bugfixes, an upgrade to Maps Marker Pro is highly advised though (use the integrated pro upgrader to migrate your data & start a free 30 days trial) – especially as there are know issues with Leaflet Maps Marker on latest webservers (PHP8) and with newest mobile browser due to an older not compatible version of leaflet.js.

Dear mappers! It’s time for a change: As of fall 2018, we released the newest version of Maps Marker Pro – v4 – with tons of new features. Within the next 1.5 years, we continued improving our new plugin by releasing 23 new versions, making v4 the most current release.

Now we will send the free version of the plugin – Leaflet Maps Marker, which was first released more than 8 years ago – to its well-earned retirement.

Image credits: Geoff Gallice, CC-BY


Over time, Leaflet Maps Marker and Maps Marker Pro have grown apart, making it increasingly difficult to maintain two versions of the plugin. Therefore, we’d rather be fully committed and retire the free version for good, than to compromise on quality.

The free version will still be usable, but it we will only add occasional security updates, no new features and bugfixes.

Special gift: Upgrade to Maps Marker Pro with a discount code

We know you have used the plugin and love it. And even though we aim to keep our prices affordable, we are aware that not everyone can pay a lot of money for software, especially if it’s for a fun side project in your free time, or a non-profit website.

To thank you, our awesome mapping community, for your support over the years, we’re offering every free-version user the option to get a Maps Marker Pro license. With the coupon code below you will get 10% off any license package.

With Maps Marker Pro you get faster loading times, multi-layer map filtering, marker clustering, geolocation support, GPX tracks including elevation charts, and much more. The non-expiring license key will be yours forever and also includes access to updates and our support ticket system for 1 year.

Use this coupon code: LMM-RETIREMENT upon checkout.

We hope that our little gift proves to be useful, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for using our plugin, no matter which version.

And, as always: Happy mapping! 🙂


FAQ: Retirement of Leaflet Maps Marker

What do you actually mean by “retirement”?

Retirement in this case means that we will stop to further develop the free version Leaflet Maps Marker. It will still be useable as is, and we will even update it for major security issues, but we will not add any new features.

Can I still use the free version?

Yes, you can still use the free version. It will remain like it is now (January 2020), available for download in the plugin repository at wordpress.org.

Will you ever update the free version again?

Security issues: Yes. We will add security updates when needed.

13. January 2021: we decided to release v3.12.4 to fix an issue which prevented Leaflet Maps Marker to run on servers with PHP8

6. August 2022: v3.12.5 has been released with a minor security fix

Features and bugs: No. We won’t further update for bugfixes and new features.

Can I still get support for the free version?

Yes. Look for support in the support forum on wordpress.org. We will still be answering questions there, too, but less frequently.

Why are you retiring the free version?

When we turned our side project into a small business and developed Maps Marker Pro, we released it as a new, additional plugin, and kept the free version going. Over time, the two versions have grown apart, making it increasingly difficult to maintain two versions of the plugin. Our community holds us to high standards, and rightfully so (we update Maps Marker Pro on a regular basis). Therefore, we’d rather be fully committed and retire the free version for good, than to compromise on quality.

Ok.. how do I continue now?

You can either keep using the free version as is, or you can upgrade to Maps Marker Pro.

How do I upgrade from Leaflet Maps Marker to Maps Marker Pro?

The easiest way to upgrade to Maps Marker Pro is to install the plugin directly from the Pro Upgrade page in Leaflet Maps Marker – just click on the “Sounds good! I will try now!” button to start the installation of Maps Marker Pro:

As next step please follow the instructions from the admin notices to update Maps Marker Pro to the latest version (4.15.1 by Februar 2021).

If you need any further help, please have a look at our knowledge base or open a support ticket for direct help from our support staff.