21. December 2018

Maps Marker Pro v4.0.10 with a fix for free personalized trial registration is available

Version 4.0.10 has just been released and fixes an issue with registering a personalized free trial license as well as an regression from v4.0.9 which resulted in maps being displayed twice at the end of the “list all maps” page.  An update to the latest version is – as always – highly recommended. If you […]

19. December 2018

Maps Marker Pro v4.0.9 with usability improvements is available

Version 4.0.9 has just been released with 2 highlights: 1. re-add link for adding markers directly to maps and map edit pages We re-added the option to directly add markers for maps to improve the publication workflow of markers, so that you do not need to re-run geolocation again on the marker edit page, if […]

7. December 2018

Maps Marker Pro v4.0.8 is available

Version 4.0.8 includes some minor fixes related to GPX tracks, elevation charts and custom basemap previews on marker edit pages. An update to the latest version is – as always – highly recommended. If you experience any issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket. Happy mapping! Your Maps Marker Pro team How to update The recommended […]

28. November 2018

Maps Marker Pro v4.0.7 is available

Our business model is not based on a mandatory subscription model intentionally – all our license packages include an unexpiring license key and 1, 3 or 5 years of access to downloads and support. If that access expires, our customers can decide if they optionally want to renew it at a discounted rate. If they […]

Maps Marker Pro v4.0.6 is available

We just released Maps Marker Pro v4.0.6 with a fix for tiles on max zoom not loading on retina devices. An initial version of this fix was actually already included in v4.0.5 but did not work as designed – with this release the issue should now finally be fixed. An update is – as always […]