Why you should upgrade to the pro version





When we turned our side project into a small business and developed Maps Marker Pro, we released it as a new, additional plugin, and kept the free version going. Over time, the two versions grew apart, making it increasingly difficult to maintain two versions of the plugin.

As of January 2020 we retired the free version. It will remain useable as is, available in the WordPress plugin directory as Leaflet Maps Marker Free, and we will even update it for major security issues, but we will not add any new features.

If you are still using the free version, we warmly invite you to upgrade to Maps Marker Pro, which uses the latest leaflet.js version (“the engine of the plugin”) and offers lots of additional features (see table below), for a state of the art user experience.

The non-expiring license key of the Pro version will be yours forever, granting you frequent updates and access to our support ticket system.

Comparison Leaflet Maps Marker vs. Maps Marker Pro

FeatureLeaflet Marker MarkerMaps Marker Pro
integrated leaflet.js version ("the engine of the plugin")v0.7.7 (11/2015)latest version
significantly decreased loadtimes for OpenStreetMap-based mapsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
GPX elevation charts grid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for HERE basemaps grid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for polylines, polygons, circles and rectangles grid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for Google Traffic and Google Transit layers grid-crossgrid-checkmark
multi-layer-map filteringgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Marker clusteringgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Dynamic list of markers including search, sort and paginggrid-crossgrid-checkmark
geolocation support: show and follow your location when viewing mapsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for assigning markers to multiple layersgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
GPX tracksgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for GeoJSON import and export for bulk additions and bulk updatesgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
HTML5 fullscreen mapsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
custom Google Maps stylinggrid-crossgrid-checkmark
option to remove MapsMarker.com backlinksgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
upload icon button & custom icon directorygrid-crossgrid-checkmark
backup and restore of settingsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
advanced permission settingsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
recent marker map widgetgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Future proof APIs for developersgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
map parameters can be overwritten within shortcodes (e.g. [ mapsmarker marker="1" height="100" ])grid-crossgrid-checkmark
list of markers - centering markers and opening popups by click on markername or icongrid-crossgrid-checkmark
improved accessibility/screen reader support by using proper alt textsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
bulk actions (duplice, delete, assign) for mapsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
optimized editing workflow - no more reloads needed due to AJAX supportgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Parsing of shortcodes in popuptextsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for URL hashes for specific map viewsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
highlight a marker on a layer map by opening its popup via shortcode attribute [mapsmarker layer="1" highlightmarker="2"] or by adding ?highlightmarker=2 to the URL where the map is embeddedgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
XML sitemaps integration: improved local SEO value by automatically adding links to KML maps to your XML sitemaps (if plugin "Google XML Sitemaps" or "Yoast SEO" is active)grid-crossgrid-checkmark
support for sorting list of markers below layer maps by distance from layer centergrid-crossgrid-checkmark
improved backend usability by listing all contents (posts, pages, CPTs, widgets) where each shortcode is usedgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
"home button" to restore the map to its initial stategrid-crossgrid-checkmark
WPML/Polylang translation support for multilingual mapsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Leaflet.EdgeBuffer supportgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Pretty permalinksgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Support for scheduled markersgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Support for sharing buttonsgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Additional basemaps built in by default (HERE maps, ESRI basemaps...)grid-crossgrid-checkmark
Access to support ticket system (dedicated support from plugin author)grid-crossgrid-checkmark
Priority support ticketsgrid-crossoptional
Access to updates and new featuresgrid-crossgrid-checkmark
available in 46 translationsgrid-checkmarkgrid-checkmark
and much more - see features, changelog or try our live demogrid-crossgrid-checkmark
Leaflet Maps MarkerMaps Marker Pro

How to upgrade from Leaflet Maps Marker to Maps Marker Pro

Within your Leaflet Maps Marker Free plugin, please click on the link “Upgrade to Pro” in the plugin´s admin header:


As next step, please click on the button “Sounds good! I will try it now >>”:

The pro plugin will then be downloaded and installed as a separated plugin. Afterwards please activate the pro plugin and you will be guided through the process to receive a free 30-day-trial license without any obligations. Your trial will expire automatically unless you purchase a valid pro license. You can also switch back to the free version at any time.

How to install the pro plugin from scratch

please follow the instructions from https://www.mapsmarker.com/install

Still not convinced?

If you have any question regarding the pro version, please read the docs, FAQ or use our helpdesk and we will be glad to help!

Updated on 18 August 2022