9. February 2015

Pro v2.1-beta1 with AJAX marker edit support is available

I kindly invite all interested users in testing v2.1-beta1 and reporting any issues by using the helpdesk, leaving a comment or using the contact form. The highlight of the upcoming release is support for AJAX edits on the marker edit pages (no more reloads needed 🙂 ), so I kindly ask beta testers to take […]

Free VATMOSS report template for SPBAS users

Since January 1st 2015 the new VATMOSS EU tax rules apply to all online transactions with customers within the European Union, resulting in online shop owners having to pay VAT taxes in the country of their EU-customers instead of the country where their business is located in. For Maps Marker Pro customers no changes are […]

6. December 2014

Pro v2.0 with GPX, layer management & security improvements is available

I am happy to announce Maps Marker Pro v2.0! This release adds improvements to layer management on backend and GPX improvements also on frontend as highlights. In addition, smaller under-the-hood optimizations and bugfixes as well as security enhancements have been added. Please read below for detailed changes. Let me know what you think about this […]

27. November 2014

Server upgrade and security enhancements for finished

Due to increased interest in Maps Marker Pro and related services we had to move our system to a more powerful server :-). The migration of all components is now finished thanks to the assistance from our extremely recommendable hosting provider In addition we also updated the security configurations on the new server: the […]

15. November 2014

Pro v1.9.2 with license proxy support & accessibility/screen reader improvements is available

Russian authorities blocked all servers from my hoster as they refused to take down a legal, but political website. As a result, Maps Marker Pro license validations began to fail from Russian customers. This version adds a license proxy which will help overcome that kind of censorship. In addition, the overall accessibility of the plugin […]